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Summertime barbecues are a great opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy a meal together, and the last thing you need are uninvited guests who crash the party, behave aggressively, and wont leave when you ask them to!  Since this is most people’s experience with wasps, it’s no wonder so many have a negative impression of them.

In truth, wasps are amazing creatures.  They play a crucial role in many ecosystems, and the beauty and complexity of their nests must be seen to be believed.  However, some of their activities can become a problem when they come into close contact with humans.  At this point, wasp pest control measures may become necessary.

Wasp Removal

Of all the creatures we deal with here at MR Pest Control wasps cause some of the most extreme reactions.  They are every bit as unpopular as rats or bedbugs!  This is likely because people are so afraid of being stung, and it is true that for those with allergies, a wasp sting can be a real problem.  So if you find a nest in your home or business, call in the wasp nest removal experts for the London area.  We have he expertise and the gear to perform wasp removal safely, and at minimal inconvenience to you.

How do you know if there is a wasp’s nest in your area?  If you spot a single wasp in your home or garden it may be annoying, especially if it wont leave.  But try to ignore it (don’t attack it – wasps call in reinforcements when threatened!) and it will leave after a while.  However, if you see several wasps at a time or the problem goes on for days, then it’s time to call for a wasps control company.

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A wasp nest is a structure of great architectural beauty, with its multiple layers and delicate hexagonal cells. However, if you find such a structure in the attic, bedroom or outbuildings of your London home, you will likely have other things on your mind than the aesthetic qualities of the edifice or the ingenuity which has gone into its design. 

All you want is to see its safe removal. Stinging insects are among the everyday perils many people fear the most, and of these species it often appears that wasps are not only the most populous but also among the most aggressive and bad tempered. Many of us will have a childhood story of when we, or a sibling or playmate, were stung by a wasp. 

In rare cases, a wasp’s sting can lead to anaphylactic shock in victims. No wonder London residents are so quick to enlist help with the removal of any nest which is found close to their homes.
The wasp is actually a fascinating creature with a long and interesting history. 

Actually, it is hardly correct to use a singular term as the are a great many species of wasps which show a wide variety of characteristics. They range from the smallest of all flying insects (Kikiki Huna, 158 micrometres long) to enormous (Megascolia Procer, 11.5cm long), and some are stunning in appearance (as an internet image search for Cuckoo Wasp will reveal). A wasp nest, as has already been mentioned, is a fascinating structure and a testament to the cooperation and unity of purpose within the colony. If only every London structure was as carefully designed and as flawlessly executed!

But, these uninvited guests can’t be allowed to stay, regardless of their engineering talents. And you certainly wouldn’t want to provoke the wrath of the colony by attempting the job yourself. The removal of a wasp nest from your London property is a task best left to the professionals. If you have a particular fear of insects, finding a giant nest in close proximity to your living space may drive you to consider leaving the area entirely.

 But don’t send in the removal vans just yet! MR Pest Control are a London based company specializing in the eradication of pests of all kinds, using the latest and most effective techniques and products. Whether the problem is rodents, birds – or, as in this case, insects – we can effect removal of the unwelcome invaders and take measures to ensure they will not return.

Our modern lifestyles are extremely busy and sometimes very wasteful, and these habits can leave our homes open to infestation by various pests. If we don’t take care with how we discard our surplus food, our home may attract rats. Bedbugs too are returning to UK homes thanks to the year round warmth provided by central heating and quick and easy international travel, and once colonies become established they can be very difficult to remove. Fortunately, MR Pest Control are up to the job


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