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Summertime barbecues are a great opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy a meal together, and the last thing you need are uninvited guests who crash the party, behave aggressively, and wont leave when you ask them to!  Since this is most people’s experience with wasps, it’s no wonder so many have a negative impression of them.

In truth, wasps are amazing creatures.  They play a crucial role in many ecosystems, and the beauty and complexity of their nests must be seen to be believed.  However, some of their activities can become a problem when they come into close contact with humans.  At this point, wasp pest control measures may become necessary.

Wasp Removal

Of all the creatures we deal with here at MR Pest Control wasps cause some of the most extreme reactions.  They are every bit as unpopular as rats or bedbugs!  This is likely because people are so afraid of being stung, and it is true that for those with allergies, a wasp sting can be a real problem.  So if you find a nest in your home or business, call in the wasp nest removal experts for the London area.  We have he expertise and the gear to perform wasp removal safely, and at minimal inconvenience to you.

How do you know if there is a wasp’s nest in your area?  If you spot a single wasp in your home or garden it may be annoying, especially if it wont leave.  But try to ignore it (don’t attack it – wasps call in reinforcements when threatened!) and it will leave after a while.  However, if you see several wasps at a time or the problem goes on for days, then it’s time to call for a wasps control company.

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