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For professional rat removal, London residents should call MR Pest Control immediately.

Rat Prevention

It is wise not to hesitate when it comes to rat control.  While rats will only bite in defence, there are other aspects of a rat’s lifestyle which can be hazardous to humans.  For one thing, rats mark their territory wherever they go, and rat urine can carry salmonella, listeria, Weil’s disease, and many other nasty infections.  Before rat waste gets on your hands or contaminates food preparation areas, householders should call in MR Rat Control London.  Our staff can deal with the invaders and advise you on how to clean up afterwards.

Another threat posed by rats is property damage. In the wild, rats chew roots and twigs to sharpen their teeth, in your home they will make short work of water pipes and electrical wires.  This can lead to fire and flooding risks.  Since rats nest in dark corners like attic spaces, under the floorboards, decking and shed they can even come up through the sewer pipe, it is best to call in the rat removal experts to deal with them.

We offer different types of rat control and prevention to help you keep your premises pest free, if rats are using the sewer pipes we can carry out a CCTV drain survey.

Rat Control London

How To Spot a Rat Problem, and What To Do About It

Signs of rats in your property include: rat faeces, which are a little bit bigger than grains of rice; evidence of gnawing on walls, furniture, and especially food packaging; scurrying noises in the night.  If you spot these signs, contact MR Rat Control Surrey for a survey.  We will be able to confirm whether there actually are rats present, and deal with the problem for you.

Once the rats have been removed from your property, we can give rat prevention advice so you can prevent them from returning.  This can include something as simple as blocking a hole in the brickwork, or fitting a rat flap to stop rats entering through the drains.  Don’t hesitate, contact MR Pest Control today.

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