Reporting System

Our Reporting System  

M.R Pest Control Environmental Services are pleased to announce our new and exciting reporting system and Web-portal.

Our reports are emails or printed and put on your own web-portal, these reports are typed therefore no ineligible hand writing and no faded NSR reports.  

M.R Pest Control have taken advice from many of our customers on the information that they would like to see on the reports and with this in mind we have a very impressive reporting system which includes the following: –  

·     Full details of the work carried out during each visit.

·     Recommendations made and date work completed.

·     Date and times of each visit.

·     Type of visit with its own unique report number.

·     Name and quantity of any materials used.

·     Common and Latin names for any pests found.

·     Customers printed name and signature.

These reports can downloaded from your own web-portal or we can email them to any of our customer’s who may have lost or mislaid their copies or if your head office needs to have their own copy we can set our programe up to email the reports to different email addresses at the touch of a button.    

Data Sheets COSHH data sheets for any chemical used in the customer’s premises can be put on the web-portal so they are there should you need them.   

Photographs Pictures of the problem areas with any recommendations can be put on the web-portal to allow the customer to view the problems if unable to attend the premises.

Web-Portal We have now introduced a new web-portal for our customers, all your visit reports, invoices together with site diagrams, trend analysis, service history, recommendations and much more all in one convenient place. You can add additional log-in details for your staff or accountant and set limits on who can view reports and invoices.

Site Plan We will provide you with a site plan and check list showing each bait stations, insect monitoring point and fly control units installed in your premises. 

All the above and more for each and every one of our customers at no extra cost!         

Want to know more about the web-portal call Richard on 020 8773 2787