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If there’s one pest which is sure to give any householder the creeps, it must surely be cockroaches!  But there’s good reason for alarm if you suspect you have cockroaches in your home, as these are far from harmless little bugs.  Cases of gastro-enteritis and dysentery have been traced back to cockroach infestations, and they can also carry salmonella.  Some reports say contact with their droppings can cause asthma and eczema.  Even after they have died, shed cockroach skin can develop fungus and cause allergies.  If all that wasn’t enough, they can cause tapeworms and roundworms in humans.

This acute threat to public health is why cockroach control is such an important issue.  None of us would want these pests around where we and our families live, work, or eat.  To know when it’s time to call in cockroach control Surrey residents should watch out for the following signs: a sweet, musty smell in quiet corners such as under sinks; shed cockroach skins; droppings and smear marks.  If any of these signs are in evidence, contact a cockroach removal company like MR Pest Control as soon as possible, to have the problem dealt with before it makes you or your loved ones ill.

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Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes, so if you think your property may be susceptible to a cockroach infestation, don’t wait until it’s too late to act.  Cockroaches are notoriously resilient, and spread quickly between properties when conditions are favourable.  At MR Pest Control we can also advise on cockroach prevention, in order to give your family the best possible protection.  Get in touch with our friendly and professional team to discuss the options for protecting your home from harmful invaders.

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