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A bed bug colony is the last thing you want in your home, and although there is no truth in the belief that an infestation means your home must be dirty, the stigma still persists.  Read on to find out more about the nature of these insects, and our comprehensive bed bug removal service.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are parasitic insects which feed exclusively on the blood of their hosts, rather than live directly on the host’s body, they prefer to hide in quiet, dark areas which are close to a source of food.  They are active mainly at night, leaving the safety of their hideaways to feed and then returning before daybreak.  Given these characteristics, it’s easy to see why bedsprings, bedding, headboards, mattresses, and bedside cabinets make ideal breeding grounds for these parasites, and hence why they are commonly known as ‘bed bugs’.

However, Cimex lectularius can also be found in skirting boards, window cills, hems of curtains, picture frames, sofas and other furniture even vehicle upholstery. Once thought of as a problem of the past, bed bugs removal is now as much an issue throughout the UK and Europe as it ever was. Our modern lives are so busy, few of us have the time to regularly inspect all areas of our homes as was once commonplace. Combined with recent trends toward travel where you can pick bed bugs up unknowingly during your stay and fitted luxury furniture with many layers of fabric and hidden recesses, and it’s easy to see why bed bug removal has once again become a problem for many households and hotels

For effective and affordable bed bugs removal London householders should call MR Pest Control.  With over two decades as a bed bug exterminator, we know just how to deal with an infestation wherever it may be found.  Our bed bug heat treatment is effective against insects at all stages of their lifecycle, and since we don’t use any toxic chemicals on your bed or other soft furniture the treated area will be safe for your family to use when we have finished the treatment.

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