CCTV Drain Survey for Rats

CCTV Drain Inspection for Rats

Rats live in our sewers system and often use damaged or old redundant drainage systems to enter properties.


We have seen an increase in the number of our customers asking us to carry out a drain survey service because rats have entered their building through their drainage system.


Our professional technician will inspect your drains using our drain camera, this records throughout the length of pipes we are inspecting, the advantages of having this service is we can see any damage to the pipe works under your property, our camera will record and travel up to 30 metres of drain pipes. The recording of the drains inspected will be given to you on a SD card or we can transfer this to a disk.


If your pipes are not damaged but the rats are using the pipes to gain access to your building, then we will recommend a Rat Flap is fitted.


Installing a Rat Flap in your drain system will allow any rats to leave your property but stops them from returning using the sewer system.


For more information please call us on 020 8773 2787.

CCTV Drain Survey for Rats
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