CCTV Drain Survey for Rats

CCTV Drain Inspection for Rats

Rats are tough and resourceful, and can invade properties through pipes and drainage systems.  If an underground drain from your house has a crack in it, they will make their way upstream until they find somewhere quiet and warm to nest.  How can you find out if rodents are using your drains to get into your home?

MR Pest control offer a CCTV Drain Survey For Rats service for just such a situation.  By taking advantage of a CCTV drain survey for rats Surrey customers can rest assured the problem will be taken care of.

How does a CCTV Drain Survey For Rats work?  All properties have access points for their drainage systems, commonly known as ‘manholes’.  By sending a tough, waterproof camera into the access hole and feeding it along the drainpipe, an operative can conduct a CCTV drain survey for rats without disturbing your garden or any other part of your property.  Images are fed back to a monitor at the surface.  If during the CCTV drain survey rats are spotted, their presence will be positively confirmed.  Or even if the rodents are not actually in the drain when the CCTV drain survey for rats is conducted, we often spot evidence of their having been there, or the damaged part of the pipe where they got in.

Rats find it easy to find food in built up areas, so we offer a CCTV drain survey for rats in London and the surrounding areas.  That isn’t to say other regions can’t have the same problem too, so call us if you need a CCTV drain survey for rats in Kent or anywhere else.

After your CCTV drain survey rats can be excluded from the property by such means as rat flaps, bait stations, or by repairing broken drains.  Contact us for more information.

CCTV Drain Survey for Rats