Bar Coding Bait Station & Site Diagrams

Barcoded Bait Station & Site Diagrams

Does your company require evidence for when each bait station, insect detector, fly control unit was inspected during each visit, then bar codes can be fitted to each monitoring point, this gives you the time each one has been inspected.

Bar Codes can be fitted to fly control units, moth pot and many other inspection points to show you that each one has been serviced.

On the web-portal there is will a diagram of your building which will show each bait station, insect detector, fly unit etc., you can see quickly which monitoring point the technician is referring too.

You can see the full history of any activity on each bait station by hovering your mouse over the monitoring points on the diagrame on our web-portal.

You can download or print lots of different reports, trend analysis, bar charts, activity list, line charts and lots more.

At the end of each visit the technicians will then produce report which will detail the bar codes that have been scanned, this report can be emailed or printed from site with a copy sent to the web portal which will give you more information in great detail.

For more information on this service please talk your local technician or contact the office and speak to Richard on 020 8773 2787.