The Surge in Indoor Migration of Rats and Mice for Warmth and Cockroaches and Bed Bugs Being Present All Year

The Surge in Indoor Migration of Rats and Mice for Warmth and Cockroaches and Bed Bugs Being Present All Year

Chilly weather during winter attracts a mouse or rat to seek comforts indoors, including in residential homes. While you mean no harm, you might find your family’s health at risk if you won’t do anything to get rid of these pests.

In the United Kingdom, it is a common occurrence to find house mice, wood mice, yellow-necked mice, and brown rats in homes. Roof areas are the most typical habitat for rats and mice, followed by cellars and cabinets. They can also dwell within the confines of a wall.

Aside from the rodents, you may also get surprise visits from voles and shrews. Rodents and mice likewise need shelter, especially during winter, to stay away from the most terrible of the freezing weather.

They also seek warm spots to raise their offspring. While it is enough for them to settle in a warm space, it is better if they land in a home full of dirt and mess.

How do you get rid of rats and mice in the house?

Your home is a place for you to thrive without sharing it with pests and rodents. While you may not want to harm them in the first place, your priority is to ensure the safety of your home for all humans living in it.

If the problem has gotten out of hand, it is best to hire expert pest control services to get rid of them and keep them from returning.

Although home remedies like snap or live traps and even anti-coagulant mouse and rat poisons can get rid of the rats and mice in your house, they can be bad at times. Some of the disadvantages of these methods include a high risk that mice can come back home after dumping them out and getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

Having a pest infestation at home can be very inconvenient and risky. Whether it’s moths in the closet or rodents in the shed, many creatures that take up residence in homes are aggressively destructive of your property and valuables.

In addition, the filthy conditions created by certain critters’ nesting put your family in danger of various ailments. If you live in Sussex, London, and other nearby areas and believe you may have a pest problem on your property, call MR Pest Control Surrey straight away.

Top Pest Control Service

As a privately-owned company with more than 20 years of involvement in controlling and exterminating undesirable creatures and bugs, you can trust MR Pest Control administrations for an immediate response and proficient help. Our services include the following:

  • Rodent Control

We eliminate these trespassers in your houses and provide effective services to ensure that you won’t see them back for quite a while. We incorporate CCTV channels to show you where the rodents are coming from and where they are heading.

  • Insect Control

MR Pest Control Surrey got you covered with our one-off treatments in getting rid of the infestation. Plus, we also offer a contractual job for protection.

  • Bird Control

We have anti-perch devices, netting, and nest clearance facilities for a complete solution to pigeon complications.

Bottom Line

M.R. Pest Control Environmental Services provides efficient pest control to all our clients. We are a family-run business that offers our customers a number of pest control services and products to rid the unwanted pests in your homes.

We are certified and insured and possess full typed, printed reports. Rest assured that all our personnel is trained and duly licensed.

Bring back the peace and comfort you deserve when staying in your home. Call us now at M.R. Pest and Rodent Control Surrey. You can also browse through our website to learn more about our services and feedback from our past clients.