Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay

Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay

Bed Bugs Removal Surrey

We may associate bed bugs as a problem that only really existed in the past, and only occurring in the poorest and dirtiest of houses.  Indeed, the first time most of us heard of them was when we heard of stories of the Victorian poor houses, when people used to live with several other families in the same accommodation.  Some of us only ever heard about them when our parents used to tuck us away in bed, and wish us a good night’s sleep.  The truth is though, that bed bugs can be a problem for modern families that have a low or high income, with clean homes.

Due to the research, knowledge and techniques available to help with bed bug removal, Surrey residents do not have to ‘sleep tight’ while ‘bed bugs bite’, and we certainly have more options available to us now then just ‘grabbing a shoe, and beating the bugs till they are black and blue’!  To be honest, that method won’t really do all that much anyway, as anyone who has been bitten by a bed bug in their home will unfortunately have more than one!

The good news is that 1) you don’t need to be embarrassed about bed bugs within your property, and 2) M.R. Pest Control can eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

What exactly are bed bugs?

Cimex Lectularius Linnaeus is the Latin name for these creatures.  They are oval shaped and do not fly or jump.  They are as flat as a sheet of paper before they have fed, but plump up during a meal.  Once they have fed, they then go away to digest that meal, meaning that they do not cross contaminate between hosts.  There eggs are white and slightly transparent, and one female can lay between 200-500 eggs in its lifespan.  A bed bugs life span is approximately 1 year.  They are known to travel a long way for a meal, which means they can go from one house to another, even if they are not seemingly connected.

Bed Bug Control

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Knowing these facts about how bed bugs breed, behave and travel can go a long way towards being able to eliminate them.  For example, knowing that the female lays about 1 egg per day and that these eggs take about 10 -14 days to hatch means that we can monitor the progress at a suitable time after our treatment, to ensure we have successfully removed the problem from your home.  A lot of insecticides do not work and bed bugs are particularly good at surviving.  They hide and bury themselves between the smallest places and cracks.

Heat treatments are known for providing the best results for bed bug control.  When we receive a call out to your home, we will follow a process to successfully eliminate them.

  1. We will come and examine the infestation. Sometimes our customers know they have a problem with pests, but are unsure what species it is.  Whether you get bitten in your bed or not, it is easy to get these bugs mixed up.  We have the expertise needed to recognise, not only the species of pest in your home, but the level of the infestation.
  2. Helping you prepare the area. It is best to try to declutter your home as much as possible.  We know even the most organised of homeowners with have their share of possessions and boxes packed up.  To stop these bugs from hiding away in these places, removing things before the heat treatment is administered will help.
  3. Treatment administration and follow up inspections.

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