How To Solve House Fly Issues

How To Solve House Fly Issues

Fly Pest Control

Summer is the season for getting outdoors, enjoying the weather, and making the most of your garden and other open spaces.  Even when you do have to be at home, keeping windows and doors open to allow in the fresh air is a way to increase your comfort and connect with nature.

Unfortunately, sometimes nature itself is a little too eager to connect.  The summer months are by far and away the busiest time in the life cycle of most insects, and the open windows of your home present them with an irresistible opportunity to explore.  So, all too often, the summer soundtrack of birds singing and children playing in the distance is augmented by the insistent and infuriating buzzing of flies which have come to pay a visit.

House Fly Prevention

In terms of the threats which pests can pose, house flies are not high on the scale.  They don’t bite, don’t damage property, and individually are little more than a mild annoyance.  But when they start to turn up in large numbers, and especially if they begin to breed in the area, the disruption they cause can soon get out of hand.  And one way houseflies can prove harmful is that they can carry bacteria and deposit it on food or other surfaces.  If you run a business such as a restaurant or hotel, having a reliable way to deal with fly problems is a must, or you’ll soon hear about it from your customers.

Since prevention is better than cure, what house fly prevention methods can you employ to keep your property clear of these pests?  House flies don’t just come into your home for a look around, they are searching for food or somewhere to live.  Therefore, be sure not to leave any foodstuffs, including waste, open to the environment; this includes empty wrappers or cartons, as even the slightest residue can constitute a feast for a fly.

Fly Control Units

It has been reported that flies don’t like certain smells like citronella or lavender, so some candles or oils may deter them.  However, the most reliable form or house fly prevention is to have pest control professionals install fly control units which attract the insects and trap them.  At MR Pest Control, we supply models from leading brands like Insect-a-clear and Fly Shield.  These devices are a common sight in any business premises where catering or food preparation is involved, but they can make a convenient and unobtrusive solution anywhere house fly pest control is found to be a problem.

If your premises already has a house fly problem, fitting a fly control unit will not be enough to clear the area quickly and effectively.  If flies are breeding on site, they will hatch more quickly than your device can capture them.  In such a case, calling in qualified fly pest control experts such as MR Pest Control is the way to go.  Our experience and access to the latest equipment will allow us to get to the root of the problem and give you a clean slate going forward.  Contact us to learn more.