How to Get Rid of Wasps

How to Get Rid of Wasps

At MR Pest Control, we provide our pest control services in Middlesex and beyond. If you are concerned about any signs of pests, we will be able to find the right solution for you. Whatever the problem, we make sure to find the cause and not only get rid of any pests, but to make sure they don’t come back. Today we are focussing on our pest control services for getting rid of wasps. So read on to find out more about the risk of wasps, why you should hire a professional pest control services, and what signs you can spot of wasps’ nests.

The Risk of Wasps

As the weather becomes warmer in the summer, there is an increased risk of wasp infestations. Whether you’re eating alfresco, or have open windows, wasps are sure to find a way indoors. Whilst only some people are afraid of wasps, there is a very real risk of being stung, and if there’s more wasps around, that simply increases the probability of getting stung. Whilst most wasp stings are just a painful nuisance, they can even be fatal for some people with allergies, who may go into an anaphylaxis shock if stung.

Hiring Professional Pest Control

Whilst wasps play an important in many ecosystems, controlling other pests like spiders and other insects, which they consume, some of their activities can become a problem when they come into close contact with humans.  When wasp numbers increase, our wasp pest control measures may be needed. Whether at your home or business, it is best to leave the removal of wasps’ nests to the processionals and call in the wasp nest removal experts for the London area.  At your convenience, we can come prepared to your property with the expertise and the gear to perform wasp removal safely and efficiently.

Signs of Wasps Nests

It is common to have a wasp or two that may linger, but there are signs that are more likely to suggest that you have a wasp nest on your property. If you see several wasps at a time, and they continue to be a problem, there could be a nest at your property. It is important to act fast as wasp nests can contain up to 5,000 wasps during peak activity in the late summer. If you think you spot a wasp nest yourself, you will see that they are formed of chewed wood and saliva, making it durable, lightweight and even waterproof. In early spring, a wasp nest may be the size of a golf ball, but this can grow along with the population of the wasp colony to the size of a beach ball.

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