How to Get Rid of Flies in the House

How to Get Rid of Flies in the House

House Fly Pest Control

At MR Pest Control, we offer our pest control services in Middlesex and surrounding areas. If you are concerned about any signs of pests, we will be able to find the correct solution for you. Whatever the issue, we make sure to find the cause and not only get rid of any pests, but make sure they don’t come back. Today we will focus on our pest control services for getting rid of flies in the house.

Why Are There Flies in Your House? 

Flies are most noticeable in the home once the weather gets warmer, usually coming in through open windows as you understandably get some cool, fresh air into your home. However, there are certain things that flies get attracted to which may mean they are buzzing around more than usual. Common house flies are attracted to rotten items such as faeces, pet waste and rotting meat. However, you may also attract fruit flies with sugary substances such as overripe fruit, spilt fizzy drinks, and alcohol. If you have sticky surfaces and dirty conditions, or even a build-up of scum at the bottom of drains, flies will be more likely to stick around. 

What’s the Risk of Flies? 

Unlike other pests, flies don’t carry a major risk, but most people find them to be a nuisance and get annoyed with their buzzing and flying around. That said, they do carry bacteria and germs, so you should be cautious if they land on any of your food as it could lead to food poisoning if you eat it. They also carry diseases including cholera, E. coli, typhoid fever, dysentery and tuberculosis. When they feed, they vomit saliva onto your food, stamping their dirty legs up and down in the sick, and then suck it back up. They can also lay eggs in your property, which can lead to an unpleasant infestation. Attracted to warm, moist areas, you should look out for them in piles of rubbish and waste, decaying material, and faeces (so remember to clear out any cat litter trays regularly). As well as seeing the flies themselves, signs of a fly infestation can also include small dark clusters of spots in light areas and the presence of maggots. 

House Fly Pest Control 

If you have a fly infestation, the best way to deal with it is to contact our pest control service. Through this service, we find the root cause of the problem and handle that first before eradicating any flies in your property. If you don’t quite have an infestation but you want to remove flies, we can provide you with fly control units including Circline, Compact Circline, Fly Shield and Compact. As experts in the field, we can advise you the best places to fit these units so that you can make the most of these systems. 

House Fly Prevention 

The best way to prevent flies, as well as having these control units, is to take away the food sources. This is particularly important in the kitchen, where you should make sure everything is in sealed containers, keeping surfaces as clean as possible and clearing out any waste quickly, making sure to keep bin lids closed. Keep your windows closed where possible, and block out indoor light with curtains. If you find any dead flies, make sure to clean them up as well so as not to attract other pests such as beetles.   

Contact Us 

Whether you are dealing with an urgent fly infestation, or you want to get prepared for summer with some preventive fly control units or a fly shield, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to deliver our pest control services to your Surrey property. From our contact page, you can request a free quotation, assured that we are Checkatrade approved. Get in touch and our team will be pleased to answer any queries you may have for us about our fly pest control services and more.