How To Deal with Rat Infestation

How To Deal with Rat Infestation

Rat Control

At MR Pest Control, we offer our pest control services in Middlesex and beyond. If you are concerned about any signs of pests, we will be able to find the correct solution for you. Whatever the issue, we make sure to find the cause and not only get rid of any pests, but make sure they don’t come back. Today we will focus on our pest control services for getting rid of rats. So, read on to find out more about the risk of rats, signs of a rat infestation and how to tell the difference between rats and mice, how to get rid of them and how to keep them away for good.

The Risk of Rats 

Rats carry infectious diseases that can be passed on to both people and pets in your property. Not only can they be passed on through bites, but also through the unsafe handling and disposal of infected dead rats, so if you have a rat problem, it is best to get a professional service to deal with them. Disease can also be passed on through consuming food or drinking water that is contaminated with rate urine, faeces, saliva or hair, as well as breathing in contaminated dust, as well as indirectly through ticks, fleas and mites. Additionally, they can be a danger to the property, weakening structures through gnawing through lead and aluminium sheeting, and chewing electrical wires, which can lead to fire risk. 

Signs of a Rat Infestation 

Unless you have physically seen a rat at your property, you should be alert of any signs of an infestation so you can report it to our rat control service. One of the most obvious signs is droppings, but these will likely be in hidden away places. You might notice greasy trails or rub marks along the areas they travel through. You may also hear noises such as scratching noises in walls, ceiling and floorboards. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Rats and Mice 

Physically, rats are bigger that mice, and their tails are shorter and hairless. A mature rat can range from 11-19 inches long (including its tail) and weigh ½ to 1 pound, whilst baby rats are between 2-4 inches, which is larger than an adult mouse. However, as both are nocturnal, the best way to tell the difference may be the dropping size, being between 12mm to 18mm long for rats.  

How to Keep Rats Away

The best way to remove rats is to hire a pest control service such as ours as we offer different kinds of rat control and prevention methods, and have the right equipment for the job. For example, we can use CCTV technology to detect whether they are using the sewer pipes. Whether you have got rid of your rat problem, or you are concerned about rat prevention, there are some things you can do to help keep rats away from your property. We will advise you specifically when we visit, but it may include blocking holes in the brickwork, to fitting a rat flap in drains. Keeping away any food and keeping your property as clean as possible will also deter them as the won’t have a food source. 

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Whether you are dealing with an urgent rat infestation, or you are worried about a pest problem, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to deliver our pest control services to your Surrey property. From our contact page, you can request a free quotation, assured that we are Checkatrade approved. Get in touch and our team will be pleased to answer any queries you may have for us about our rat removal services and more.