Get Rid of Cockroaches

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroach Control London

A cockroach infestation can be a living nightmare. These pests are notoriously difficult to eradicate because of their resilient nature. At MR Pest Control, we can offer a solution and help get rid of cockroaches once and for all. Wherever you live, you can attract these pesky critters. Our homes and businesses are an ideal breeding ground, offering warmth and an abundance of food. They can get in through holes and neighbouring properties, or anything brought in from previously infested places, including food packaging. Once in, they quickly reproduce and can pose many health risks, causing illnesses like gastroenteritis and spreading salmonella, E. coli while triggering allergic reactions in asthma prone individuals, including much more.

If you suspect you have an infestation or even the beginnings of one, look out for these signs: a sweet, musty smell in quiet corners such as under sinks; shed skins or droppings and smear marks. You should get in touch as soon as possible so we can inspect and assess what needs to be done.

Cockroach Prevention

Cockroach prevention is also as important as eradication. If you live in a residential property or own a business that you suspect will be prone, get in touch. In perfect conditions, they can spread incredibly fast. They are nocturnal and like to hide away during the daytime, so it is difficult to see the signs early. It is better to avoid than to treat. We will be glad to advise you on prevention methods to give you the best possible protection.

Get Rid of Cockroaches

When you know for sure that you have an infestation, you will need our cockroach removal services. At MR Pest Control, we aim to meet your request within 24-hours. We fully trained our staff to provide a professional and discrete service. We register all staff with the Basis Prompt Professional Pest Controllers Register and British Pest Control Association so you can trust you are in skilled hands. We will eliminate the infestation for good. If you find neighbouring properties are the issue and experience another infestation. We can offer cockroach control advice and solutions to help make your property less inviting. All our work is guaranteed, offering free quotations.

To discuss cockroach control, London property owners can contact us online today. Alternatively, send us an email to or call us on 02087732787.