Ants & Flea Pest Control

Ants & Flea Pest Control

At MR Pest Control, we offer our pest control services in Middlesex and beyond. If you have seen signs of pests, you can rely on us to fix any pest problem with the expertise to solve any pest issue. Whatever the issues, we make sure to find the cause and implement a solution not only to get rid of any pests, but to make sure they don’t come back. Today we are focussing on our pest control services for ants and fleas.


Ant Pest Control

Garden ants’ control and removal is a very common request, and sometimes pes control for ants is also needed inside the home. When you have spotted one lone ant, it is likely there will be more nearby as they are social creatures that move as part of a colony. Often, an ant problem will be apparent by seeing them crawling around any cracks in your patio. As well as the lasius niger ants, known more commonly as the black garden ant, the myrmica rubra (red ant) can cause extra problems as they sting and can cause irritation. There are other kinds of ants that we can identify, and like bees, ant colonies come with a queen, who stays in the nest and can lay thousands of eggs during her lifetime, which is up to 30 years. You may also notice flying ants in May or June as they spread to make new nests. The key to eliminating ants is to find the source of the nests. Killing ants outside the nests won’t fully remove an infestation, as the location of nests are underground. Nests may be indicated by small piles of earth pellets, or can be observed through the movement of the ants. Make sure to tackle the problem sooner rather than later, before it gets worse as the last thing anyone wants is to have lines of ants crawling across kitchen walls, and eating a spoon of cereal to find it’s full of ants.


Flea Pest Control

When it comes to flea pest control and removal services, it is well known that there is an association between fleas and pets as they are external parasites that typically feed off the blood of birds and mammals (though they can also feed off the blood of humans). Fleas are minute, reddish-brown insects, which can jump great distances. They are usually brought into the home if a pet brings them in, but their small size means that they can easily hide in your upholstery. This means you may not be aware of a problem until it’s too late. At the point of an infestation, you will notice multiple fleas hopping onto furniture and curtains. Other signs include pets scratching themselves more than usual, and finding fleabites, which are characterized by red spots surrounded by red halos. If you have pets, it would be wise to treat pets for fleas by cleaning their fur with an anti-flea shampoo and powder, as it’s possible from them to pick up fleas simply by rolling around in fields outside. Pest control for fleas can be very cumbersome, so it’s best to entrust an expert for their elimination.


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